Thursday, 21 June 2012

Print in Actuality!

Here is the print in all it's glory (oooh,  black and white background!) or at least as much glory a webcam can provide. The scanner at the studio was not cooperation for whatever reason, so webcam? Yes ma'am!

The screen prints are two colours (orange and blue) on 12 x 18" cream stonehenge paper. About twenty were made and only a few of them registered properly! So... grrrrrr! But meh, this whole thing was kind of an experiment. It wasn't going to line up 100% because the positives I made (one india ink, one rubylith) were not accurate to begin with. The way I see it is that if you want accuracy then offset print it, but what fun is that?

There will be two more images that are in progress right now! They will be available at C4 this November.

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