Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Meet Andromeda! Or Anna for short.
LA Jorgensen, Andromeda, 2012

Andromeda is a graphic novel that is currently being reimagined and edited from it's former name "Sabrina". Originally an updated concept for Archie Comic's Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Andromeda is a teen girl who moves from London to the States under mysterious circumstances involving a family tragedy. Anna is a loner who enjoys reading and writing and only wishes for her life to be normal but there is something odd about her as strange things begin to happen when she is around...

Here is a special sneak preview of Andromeda:

Andromeda, Cover
Andromeda, Page 1
Andromeda, Page 2
Andromeda, page 3
Andromeda, Page 4
Andromeda, Page 5
Andromeda, Page 6

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